Who are we ?

"Ku" is a play on the popular Indonesian word used by young urbanites across the Indonesian archipelago, it is commonly used to describe possessive nouns. For example "Cinta Ku" would mean "My Love", "Dunia Ku" is "My World" and "Bamboo Ku" is "My Bamboo".
This is not about ego, it's about self empowerment, each of us must begin the journey of our lives with a first step and go on to cultivate the power for change within ourselves. With that power comes great responsibility, for our planet and future generations. Together we can make a difference. By choosing bamboo products as a viable and sustainable alternative to cotton, we are saying we care for change. Because every "Ku" counts.

More than a Company

BambooKu is an innovative, renewable ideas company harnessing the many marvelous qualities of bamboo material that has to offer and bringing it to you, in the form of environmentally friendly luxury linen products. 

Driven by the awareness to change the world for the better, we thrive to build interest and appeal in the renewable, organic bamboo resource through our original designs, material innovations and a little pinch of imagination.

We understand we live on a finite planet with limited natural resources and choose to lessen the impact we place upon it. Through responsible manufacturing from certified organic, natural and sustainable sources and a geo-socially conscious approach to our products, processes and practices, we hope to continue to earn your trust as an innovative company committed to preserving our planet for future generations.


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