Takesumi Shinto

Takesumi Shinto

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Shinto gives you a stock of Takesumi sticks in a natural Bamboo box . You decide what you do with them:


Place them at strategic spots around your house to :

- Control and adjust humidity

- Filter the air, absorb smoke and unpleasant odors

- Reduce Electro-Magnetic Waves (EMW) emitted by all your electronic devices


Use them in the kitchen:

- When placed near veggies and fruits. It will absorb the rejected gases and slow the maturation process to keep them fresh longer.

- Purify water and cooking oil by absorbing all substances and impurities. It will also release minerals and nutrients needed by your organism.


Takesumi is a life time product. Simply wash it with pure water and let it dry in the sun to recharge it.


Note: When using Takesumi with cooking oil, the sticks cannot be recharged. However, crush them and use it in your garden, it will fertilize the soil !